Water is crucial to prevent winter colic

Nothing can drain the colour from a horse owner’s face quicker than hearing the word colic. And winter is an important season to focus on colic prevention and ward off water woes that can lead to impaction in the equine gut. Make sure your horse has access to fresh, non icy water 24/7, it cannot be overstated!

Dehydration: This is a serious issue that increases the risk of impaction colic. Monitor the horse for any signs of dehydration. Discuss how you can do this with your veterinarian. A “skin pinch” on the shoulder of the horse is a useful tool to assess hydration.
24/7 access to water: Water must be available at all times to aid in digestion and avoid blockages. When only feeding dry hay, this is extra important.
More water at feed time: You can add water to concentrate ration and/or soak the hay for 10 minutes before feeding as this will bring more water into the gut.
Snow is not a substitute for water! Ten inches of snow equals one inch of water.

So, please – further your knowledge on colic prevention, for your horse and your own sake.


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