New Zealand is a pioneer in the traceability of horse welfare across racehorses throughout life

New Zealand implemented rules for ensuring horse welfare september 2020. They are involving the traceability of thoroughbreds in New Zealand, and all horses will be required to have an “Accountable person”.

That person may be an owner, racing manager, trainer or studmaster and they will be responsible for informing NZ Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) of the death or retirement from racing or breeding of the horse under their care. In the case of retirement and rehoming, they must also ensure the horse goes to someone with appropriate horse knowledge and must also provide NZTR with the contact details of the new owner.

Also, a new 30-day foal notification requires NZTR to be advised of a foal’s existence within 30 days of its birth.

“While it is well-known within the industry that our horses are well cared for in their retirement, recording this information allows us to better document where our retirees end up once their racing days are over,” a statement from NZTR said.

Well done Kiwis!


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