Now you can access Horse welfare repository

A freely accessible online repository of animal welfare indicators that can be used by professionals to assess and improve equine welfare has been launched by working horse and donkey charity Brooke.
Its Animal Welfare Indicators Repository is being made available for free and requires only a registration to download. Although these indicators have been developed for use with working equids, there is also scope to adapt them for application to alternative contexts and species, Brooke says.

Indicators include general health looking at issues such as body condition, mucous membranes, and parasites, behaviour and general attitude, gait and lameness, lesions, hoof and “deliberately induced” issues such as firing, and ear, muzzle and tail mutilation. Handling guidelines are also included in the depository, and Brooke’s assessment process is also explained.
“We are excited to be able to share our resources and our learning to support others with their efforts to measure and improve animal welfare.” Brooke’s Global Animal Welfare Advisor Ashleigh Brown said.

Source: HorseTalk. View Brooke’s Animal Welfare Indicators Repository.

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