Swedens equestrian organizations in a joint campaign for better infection control

The campaign is gathered under the hashtag #smittfrittstall and will be visible on websites and social media starting 1 February. The focus is on simple measures and messages that can make a big difference out in the stable so that infections do not get a foothold or spread between horses.

We have chosen to place the campaign at a time of year when many infections are circulating, right now we think it is important to have a reminder of precautionary measures to not spread the infection, says Maria Pettersson, HNS, who leads the campaign. That all organizations come together on this issue feels extra positive because all horses, regardless of breed or orientation, benefit from a generally better infection control.

The idea is that horse owners should be made aware of things to think about in everyday life. Simple checklists are developed for different common places and occasions, for example; at home in the stable, when it’s time to go on different horse activities or groups of horses that are a little extra exposed to infection and therefore important to have extra control over.

Source: The Swedish Horse Industry Foundation (HNS)

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